Wholesale/Bulk Orders

falling-money2.jpg(If you already know your way around the vape biz and you simply want to sign up for a wholesale account to start buying Puff's e-juice, flavor concentrates and mixing liquids, create a new Puff's account by clicking here. Once you create your account, send an email to Admin@PuffsUSA.com and request that your account be unlocked to view wholesale categories, products and pricing.) 

Increase Your Profits with Puff's Wholesale!

So, you want to make a FORTUNE in one of the fastest growing industries America has seen since the "Steel Boom" of the 1920's?


While the electronic cigarette / personal vaporizer industry is extremely REWARDING, it is also a FIERCELY competitive market that oftens sees more failures than success stories. HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of shops are opening each month in America and only a few factors separate these competitors from one another. 


You want the truth? We'll give you the truth!!! The majority of "hardware" you'll find in vape shops across America is all the same stuff... and it ALL comes from China! From store-to-store-to-store, you'll see brands like Kangertech, Innokin, Smoktech & Aspire. Very rarely does a product come along that is so innovative that it stands out from the crowd. 

So... if your store has SO many competitors, and you're ALL selling the same hardware... how can you possibly stand out from the crowd? How can YOUR store be truly UNIQUE? How can you drive a LOYAL and DEDICATED customer base to YOUR store, instead of losing them to one of your many, MANY competitors?

The answer is... E-JUICE!!!

To succeed in in the "Vape Biz" and beat out the rival stores in your area, to ensure that customers return to YOUR store week-after-week-after-week, you're going to have to sell the BEST e-juice in your area!

Do you have a favorite restaraunt? Why is it your favorite? Service isn't NEARLY as important as unique FLAVORS, is it? Would you eat the same crappy steak week after week just because the service was great? NO you wouldn't! But... would you put up with horrible service as long as you could get the most delicious dish in town? OF COURSE you would! The Vape Shop business is no different!

If you have the BEST flavors in town... you WILL succeed! 

Now that you know the "secret for success" in running a successful vape shop, now all you need to do is decide exactly HOW you plan on offering the BEST, MOST DELICIOUS and AFFORDABLE e-juice in your area. You have a couple of options;

  1. Do it yourself!
    Let's get right to it... Do you have $10,000 to invest in a Food-Grade kitchen/lab? Another $5,000 for a SMALL flavor library? Do you have a solid vendor, like Puff's that can supply you with childproof bottles, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavor concentrates and liquid nicotine? How about a graphic designer and a print shop to design all your labels? Most importantly, do you have several months you can dedicate to PERFECTING each and every single one of your flavors? If you answered YES to these questions, then click HERE to browse our wholesale mixing fluids & concentrates. But... if you anwered "NO" to any of the previous questions, check out the next option...

  2. Sell Puff's Bottled E-Juice!
    Why spend OUTRAGEOUS amounts of MONEY and TIME trying to perfect HUNDREDS of flavors when we've already done all the work for you? Puff's Bottled E-Juice is DELICIOUS, SAFE, and most of all, is AFFORDABLE and can generate HUGE PROFITS for your vape shop! Want to know more? Keep reading...

Sell Puff's E-Juice and start making REAL money... NOW!

Puff's has spent a ton of money as well as COUNTLESS hours perfecting our E-Juice recipes to create the BEST TASTING and HIGHEST QUALITY E-Juice selections on the market, and now, your store can IMMEDIATELY generate HUGE PROFITS by offering Puff's E-Juice for sale on your shelves! Typically, "premium" e-juice manufacterers/distributors only allow for small profit margins. Expensive brands like Suicide Bunny, Niquid & Mount Baker Vapor have great brand recognition, but offering Puff's E-Juice will allow you to see profit margins between 100%-200%, and we think you'll agree; being in business is all about MAKING MONEY!

custom-bottles.jpgPuff's E-Juice... in YOUR bottles!

So, you want to offer the BEST e-juice in your area, but want YOUR logo to be on the bottles? Maybe you'd like blue glass bottles with dropper tops? Amber bottles with screw-on caps? NO PROBLEM! Private labeling/bottling options are available with minimum order quantities. Ask your Puff's Sales Representative for details or send an email to Admin@PuffsUSA.com.  

Ordering, Processing Time, Payment & Shipping

We know that inventory control most often happens before or after normal business hours. When you're a Puff's wholesale partner, you'll have access to an assigned account representative that will be available for orders & inquiries 24/7! Most orders under 10,000 bottles are processed within 7 business days. For orders in excess of 10,000 bottles, contact your account representative for production scheduling. Once your order has been fulfilled, it will be sent by USPS unless you have an alternate shipping service such as UPS, Fed-EX or DHL that you would like to use.  


Ready to get started making BIG MONEY with E-Juice? Call your Puff's Account Manager today!

Create a new Puff's account by clicking here. Once you create your account, send an email to Admin@PuffsUSA.com and request that your account be unlocked to view wholesale categories, products and pricing.) 

*Note that if payment is made by check, we will not begin processing your order until funds have been cleared.

** Note that if payment is made by credit card, additional fees may be applied for applicable processing charges.