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StrawNanaGurt Premium E-Juice at Puff's

So, we recently went on a Facebooking binge and came across a comment from a guy that said "Why do e-juice companies name their juices with non-descriptive names... why cant they just name the juice what it tastes like.".  Well buddy, our newest release is for you. If you have trouble figuring out what we did with THIS e-liquid, you have problems that can't be solved without a doctor! Introducing... "StrawNanaGurt", the latest Premium Ee-liquid from!!! Enjoy!

To guarantee delivery of a consistent product, our E-juices are 100% made-to-order. None of our e-juices, concentrate flavors or pre-mixes are "pre-steeped", ensuring MAXIMUM FRESHNESS! Some e-juices and flavor concentrates may take up to 72 hours before shipping.

Ingredients: USP Kosher Grade Natural and/or Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

This e-juice is diacetyl free.