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There comes a time that all flavor manufacturers fear... It happens when a company like PuffsUSA has been fortunate enough to be in business for more than a few years. The problem is... we run out of names for our flavors!!!!! That being said, we wish that we could roll back the hands of time to when we first opened our doors so that everyone could taste this absolutely perfect marriage of multiple citrus fruits and creams! This flavor is a crowd favorite in our stores and we're sure you'll love it too!!! In fact... if you don't love our newest flavor "Marty", we will offer to put you in our time travel machine and send you back to before you purchased your bottle (additional time travel fee of $3,456,126,199.76 applies to all returned bottles).

"EZ-Mix" Flavor Bases can be used as any other food grade flavoring in confectionery recipes including baking, sugars, hard candies, icings and more. Our "EZ-Mix" Flavor Bases can also be used at-home to easily make your own e-juice when used in combination with Standard Nicotine Additive.   

Ingredients: USP Kosher grade natural & artificial food flavorings, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol (PUFFS Vape Shop "EZ-Mix" Flavor Bases are diacetyl-free.)

All PUFFS Vape Shop "EZ-Mix" Flavor Bases are 100% made to order, every time. In order to provide a consistent product, we do NOT steep any of our "EZ-Mix" Flavor Bases. Depending on how busy our site is, it could take up to 72 hours prior to your order being shipped. ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ON ANY "EZ-Mix" Flavor Bases. If you've experienced a problem or need assistance with this product, or any other product found on, click here to contact us, or call (316)683-3330, we're here to help!


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