Employment Opportunities


The electronic cigarette & personal vaporizer market has become a global phenomenon that has already made BILLIONS of dollars for manufacturers, distributors, retailers & the sales staff that support them.

Puff's is constantly expanding our reach in both retail and wholesale markets. We need good people to help us grow!

Below is a list of positions Puff's is currently trying to fill. When you're ready to apply, click HERE for our Online Employment Application.

Retail Sales Representative - $7.50hr - $12.00hr
We're always looking for enthusiastic, honest, eager individuals to join our team at both our corporate and franchise retail locations. We prefer to hire individuals with a passion for the vape industry (DUH!?!) and a great work ethic. Experience in retail is not required, though we prefer to find someone that is no stranger to working a cash drawer, inventory logging and other retail tasks. Ready to apply for this position? Click HERE to fill out our Online Employment Application.

Wholesale Sales Representative - $Commission Based w/ Additional Residual Commissions
Puff's knows that GOOD salespeople are worth their weight in gold, which is why we pay OUTRAGEOUS commissions to our Wholesale Sales Reps! Here's the catch... we don't hire salespeople "in training". Here is a list of abilities we like to see in our Wholesale Sales Reps that use our Online Employment Application. to apply:

  • Self-Motivated - Puff's prefers to work with people that know how to get out of bed the FIRST time their alarm goes off in the morning. If you normally get out of bed at NOON, don't apply for this position.

  • Working Knowledge of Computer Based Sales Tools - It is an absolute requirement to know how to use basic computer applications and programs that are essential to ANY sales professional. These programs can include Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Various Internet Browsers, a strong ability to communicate through digital medias such as e-mail & social media platforms as well as other communication applications such as Skype & GoToMeetings.

  • Corporate Foresight - We want our Wholesale Sales Reps working SMART, not HARD. We need our reps to be able to formulate goals & plans based on current and FUTURE shifts within our industry, and possess the ability to alter plans based on results & findings.

  • Constant Evolution - As a sales professional with Puff's, we ask that you continually evolve as a salesperson by consuming media that will assist you in being a cutting edge sales professional. We expect our sales reps to be able to speak intelligently on many topics including business, politics and any other area of interest our potential or existing clients might find interest in.

  • Resume - As we said above, we are not currently hiring entry-level sales reps, you MUST upload your resume when filling out your Online Employment Application for this position.

Laboratory Positions - $10.00hr - $15.00hr
Puff’s laboratories are the lifeblood of our organization. We prefer to only hire individuals with previous experience working in a laboratory in some capacity, however, the most important factor in working in any of our laboratories is that you are a detailed oriented individual. If you feel that your set of skills will be an asset to our team, feel free to apply using our Online Employment Application.

Internet Sales Representative - Wichita, KS - $Base Salary + Commissions
Our Internet Sales are BOOMING right now! Puff’s is looking for someone with previous e-commerce experience to facilitate even MORE online growth! We’re currently sending thousands of bottles of e-juice all over the world every month. We’re looking for someone to build on our current success utilizing our website which sits on a scaleable, robust platform, capable of facilitating any type of growth. We currently admin our website in-house at our Wichita, Ks corporate office. The ideal candidate for this position will:

  • Live in the Wichita, Ks area.

  • 3+ Years experience with e-commerce.

  • Experience working with online traffic derivation methods such as affiliate programs, click through campaigns, etc.

  • Graphic design experience is a PLUS!

  • ADVANCED level coding is not required, this is primarily a sales position. Website FUNCTIONALITY is not a resposibility of this position, just sales.

If you feel you’re the right candidate for this position, fill out our Online Employment Application located HERE.