Cat-O-Tonic Premium E-Juice

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Cat-O-Tonic Premium E-Juice from Puff's!

The CAT is finally out of the bag!!! Cat-O-Tonic is going to BEND your senses! We're not going to beat around the bush on the flavor ingredients of this e-juice, it has... pomegranate, strawberry, orange cream, apple, just a touch of our "Blue Fun Dip" flavor, and of course the perfect amount of sweeteners to make a clean and fresh tasting vape that will keep you mesmerized all day and night!   

Ingredients: USP Kosher Grade Natural and Artificial Flavor, Triacetin, Ethanol and Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

This e-juice has been individualy lab tested and is diacetyl free.