Puffs Vape Shop VS. Puffs Magic Vapes in Wichita, Kansas

Puffs Vape Shop VS. Puffs Magic Vapes in Wichita, Kansas

At Puffs Vape Shop, we've received telephone calls from more than a few of our customers regarding their confusion as to whether or not PUFFS VAPE SHOP (us) and "Puffs Magic Vapes" (another vape shop in Wichita) are related. Hopefully we can clear some things up for our consumers in this blog article...

The answer to whether or not we are related is an absolute NO!!!!!!!

Apparently, this "other" vape shop has been selling a select number of flavors of e-juice using the same name as some our all-time best sellers like Cereal KillerLoop'd and Peachy Keen which obviously confuses many Wichita based consumers. Aside from "Puffs Magic Vapes" using the names of our flavors as their own... we have a few other problems with them...  

Let us first address the most obvious things... our name and logo:

  • Company Name: While we have existed since 2013 as Puffs Vape Shop... our in-town competitor chose to use the name "Puffs Magic Vapes". We know that IMITATION is supposed to be a form of flattery... but you don't see any businesses with the name "McDonalds Magic Hamburgers" do you? OF COURSE NOT!!! Only an idiot would name their store using an already-established name that already exists in the industry... much less in their own town! Strike #1!!!!!!!!!

  • Logo: We take our commitment to the vaping industry VERY seriously here at Puffs Vape Shop. We believe in following all best-practices within our industry which includes NOT using child-friendly images to advertise our brand. Unfortunately, "Puffs Magic Vapes" actively advertises their brand including a fully illustrated (albeit poorly drawn) "dragon" that very easily attracts children from a young age.

    We at Puffs Vape Shop believe that "Puffs Magic Vapes" is actually HARMING the vaping industry by continuing to display such an image. Whoever is in charge of branding and advertising at "Puffs Magic Vapes" is either a complete idiot, an incompetent, or...... they just don't give a damn about the vaping industry to the point that they are non-compliant. STRIKE 2!!!!!!!!

  • Dishonesty: Why would any vape shop blatantly STEAL the intellectual property (flavor names and recipes) of another vape shop... much less one their own city!?!?!?! Again, the only excuse we can think of is that there is nobody at "Puffs Magic Vapes" with a brain!!!! Can't they make their own flavors? Can't they make new names for the flavors? Why do they feel the need to blatantly STEAL the ideas of others? We think it's because they have no idea what they're doing and they're DESPERATE for business. Why else would they have named their juices with the names of our ALL-TIME-BEST-SELLERS?????? STRIKE #3!!!!!!

Allow us to say again that PUFFS Vape Shop is in NO WAY ASSOCIATED with "Puffs Magic Vapes" and we encourage our customers to call, email and message "Puffs Magic Vapes" to tell them how you don't appreciate the way they are operating within the vaping industry. Their telephone number is (316)833-8190 and their email address is Liz@PuffsMagicVapes.com.